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The Kjell Arholm Memorial Grant 2013

07 June 2013

The Kjell Arnholm Memorial Grant has been awarded annually since 1995. Kjell Arholms Memorial Grant was established by the Board of RKK and is a grant intended for teachers or other staff working with the upper secondary vocational education in Rogaland. The purpose of the grant is to study secondary education abroad and the development of international understanding.

The awarding committee consists of the Chairman of the County Council, the Chairman of the RKK Board, the Chairman of the Main Committee for Vocational Education and the Managing Director of RKK. This year there were 9 strong proposals and grant pot of NOK 30000 went to Anders Haga teacher at Godalen, and Liv Jorunn Byrkjedal-Sørby og Brit Gording at Møllehagen skolesenter.

Anders Haga will use the scholarship to study in Poland. The purpose is to learn more about the Polish culture, their school system and activities aimed at young people. With a deeper understanding of this, the school hopes to offer more targeted and personalized help to the Polish youth.

Liv Jorunn Byrkjedal-Sørby og Brit Gording at Møllehagen will use the grant to study Crete. They will be visiting professor Elias at Rethymnon University. They will maintain and establish a closer cooperation between the school and the professor. The professor is a European capacity in the field of adapted education for vulnerable groups of students.

Kjell Arholms minnestipend 2013