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Seminar on Strategy and Statistics for Tertiary Vocational Education

15 May 2013

A seminar held by The Database for Higher Education (DBH) located under the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (Norsk samfunnsvitenskapelig datatjeneste - NSD) was arranged on Monday this week regarding reporting for Tertiary vocational education.

Focus was on how the reporting affects social purposes, as well as further development and plans for this new area of statistics. RKK attended and found the seminar useful and interesting, and think it is positive that DBH now appears to be a source of insight and overview also for counties in Norway. We expect that it will facilitate RKK´s work in the future, as we now through a new administrative reform are obliged to report to all counties where we have students, whilst before we only reported to The Norwegian Directorate of Health. The fact that counties are adopting key solutions for insight and clarification will be consistent with the rationale behind the digitization and central digital services. It was The Norwegian Directorate of Health that announced this in their review.

There was also expressed a desire to bring in several indicators of quality in the sector. Although there is some way to go to all the visions for reporting are met, the service has been well established and reached important milestones.