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New supervision regulations - NOKUT user panel

15 May 2013

On Tuesday this week, Leif Knudsen from RKK attended NOKUTĀ“s user panel in order to discuss a draft on new regulations for the supervision of Tertiary vocational education.

NOKUT is working toward an open and inclusive process in connection with the preparation of the new supervisory regulations, and it was a constructive, factual and pleasant meeting that took place in NOKUT premises.
RKK looks forward to bringing the dialogue further and provide consultative input when a final draft is available. NOKUT envisages a process of consultation around the final proposal, along with an expert guidance, ending around 1st of November 2013.

A number of important topics where raised; such as impartiality, competence, management, online studies and formalities, and RKK appreciate the opportunity to express views and have an open and informal dialogue with NOKUT and other participants in the panel.