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Application deadline: Kjell Arholms memorial Grant

02 April 2013

The application deadline for RKKs Kjell Arholms memorial Grant is the 25th of April, 2013.

The grant, to a value of NOK 30 000, has been awarded every year since 1995.

The grant is for teachers working on upper secondary schools in Rogaland or other people who are interested and engaged in upper secondary vocational education in schools or as in-service training. It may be awarded to one applicant or several.

The purpose of the grant is to promote the study of upper secondary education outside Norway and the development of international understanding, preferably in Europe.

Would you like to apply for Kjell Arholms memorial Grant, send your application to:

Rogaland Kurs og Kompetansesenter

Postboks 130, 4001 Stavanger

And remember, the application deadline is the 25th of April, 2013.