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UNITAR / RKK Technical Skills Training in Norway and Namibia

UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and RKK work together to give students from Nigeria technical education. The goal of the program is to provide young people with technical education and skills to be competitive in the labor market. Partnership between UNITAR and the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) will provide qualified knowledge to young people from Riverside State, so they have qualifications for working in the oil and gas industry both locally and elsewhere in the world.

The course includes training automation (Norway), welding (Namibia), instrumentation (Namibia) and drilling (Namibia). Read the full story at UNITAR here.

UNITAR Kurs november 2010

The students arrive Sola Airport in Norway, on the 14th November 2010.

First group of Instrumentation students for RKK Namibia

The first group of Instrumentation students from Nigeria has successfully concluded there studies at the Namibian Institute of Mining Technology (NIMT) which is a cooperation partner of RKK.

Instrumenteringsstudenter01, oktober 2010

Instrumenteringsstudenter02, oktober 2010

Unitar Instrumentation Course

The second group of students from UNITAR, Nigeria, have arrived in Namibia for the instrumentation course on 27.06.2010. The course started on 28.06.2010 at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology and has duration of 8 weeks. The course specifications is the same as the one conducted for the first group at Stord in Norway.

Below is a picture of the students in front of the RKK Namibia Office in Walvis Bay:

Namibia Course June 2010

The students are: Elemelu Ambroze Uzoma, Igwe ChimezieJacob, Ordu Joseph, Paul Lazarus, Agi Chidi Amadi, Ikoro Ezekwem, Elemele ThankGod, Ite Bille, Kio Princewill, Eke Abraham, Didi Uzoma and Levi Bestman

Graduation ceremony at the RKK Namibia office 10 March 2010

On Wednesday 10. March 2010 a graduation ceremony was held for 10 students from Nigeria who have completed a 4-month welding course under the auspices of RKK Namibia and Namfi in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

2010-03-10 Graduation Day collage 2

Read more about the ceremony here.

Cooperation UNITAR and RKK

UNITAR and RKK has a cooperation agreement for training of Nigerian adults. The training program is planned to cover:

Instrumentation – Electro
  • Instrumentation – Hydraulic / Tubing
  • Welding
  • Safety Officers
The training is scheduled to take place both in Norway and Nigeria.
UNITAR - First training course completed at Stord (Norway) - Ongoing in Namibia
Course in Machining - add-on/advanced completed February 2010

In February 2010, ten students from Nigeria completed a 240-hour course in Machining - add-on/advanced. The course took place at Stord Training Centre in the period 18 January to 25 February 2010. A closing ceremony was held at Stord at which course certificates were presented to all the course participants.

Unitar Namibia studenter - Stord 2010 februar

The trainees who completed the course at Stord in February 2010 were: Chidi Orukwowu, Ogaranya Amadi, Adoki Ukadike, Ekelechukwu Nwaobite, Wisdom Ahiakwo, Felix Egele, Anddy Nwaudo Johonson, David Uloeze, Paul Chinwendu Abraham og Kingsley Aradu.

1st course completed at Stord, Norway

Undervisning på Stord Opplæringssenter - Desember 2009

On Thursday 17.12.09 the first trainees from Nigeria received their course diplomas having completed their 2 instrumentation training courses at Stord Training Centre ( Stord Opplæringssenter ). Thus the first group is trained for the cooperation agreement between UNITAR – UN’s Institute for Training and Research and RKK.

The 10 trainees have been at Stord since November 1st doing two courses in instrumentation. First they did a 5 weeks course in Instrumentation Electro and then a two weeks Instrumentation Hydraulics / Tubing. The 10 trainees have been very eager to accumulate new knowledge and achieved very good results.

The training courses for these first courses are sponsored by the oil company Total in Nigeria as part of their support to the local community in the Niger Delta Region. Mr. Blessing Nwaerema, The Partnership Development Manager of Total Nigeria visited Stavanger and Stord 16.-20.12.09. The purpose of his visit was to visit both RKK management and the training site at Stord, and to see how the trainees managed their stay in strange environments.

Here are all the trainees together with the Total representative Mr. Blessing Nwaerema, the director of Stord Training Centre Torleif Kolstø ( on the right ), the main instructor Kjell Vestrheim (in the middle ) and RKK’s Kjell Håvard Sævareid. The trainees are: - Felix Ikpa-Ukadike, Gospel Ezekiel, James Eze Egba, Goodluck Umah Uchechukwu, Ikeoha Abiala Newman, Prince Eweh, Christopher Okirie Nwubochi, Emmanuel Imegi Franklin, John Victor Ikegwuru and Earnest Nnadi:

Gruppebilde - Kurs Stord desember 2009

Mr. Nwaerema also saw the trainees in their practical training in the workshop. Here are some of them:

Kollasj Unitar Undervisning på Stord, desember 2009

During the graduation and farewell dinner Thursday evening the trainees received their diplomas for the Instrumentation Electro course. They had their examination in the Instrumentation Hydraulics / Tubing the same day and will receive their diploma for this later when the examination assessments are completed.

The trainees’ representative Mr Felix Ikpa-Ukadike summarized the stay and conveyed their thanks to everybody who had contributed to the training.

Mr Feliz Ikpa-Ukadike

Kollasj - Kurs Stord Unitar - avslutning - desember 2009

Ongoing Training in Namibia for UNITAR

Group number two of 10 trainees is currently on a 16 weeks training course at RKK in Namibia in cooperation with Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute. This course started in November 2009 and is due to finish in March 2010. The course is designed to meet competencies requirements of The International Welding Institute in Paris.

Kursdeltakere Namibia - til mars 2010

The training is composed of partly theory covering HSE, materials, welding methods, and partly practical training.

The trainees spent the Christmas and New Year in Walvis Bay, and are now back in training again from January 4th 2010.

Contract signed between RKK and UNITAR

Signering av avtale Unitar og RKK Oktober 2009

Signing the contract: Mr Kjell Håvard Sævareid from RKK and Mr Offei Dei, Chief Financial & Administration Section UNITAR

Capasity building for Total E&P Project OML 58 Upgrade

RKK has signed a contract with UNITAR – United Nations Institute for Training and Reasearch – Nigeria. The contract concerns training and capacity building for the “Total E&P Project OML58 Upgrade in Nigeria”.

The contract was signed in Geneve in September 2009, and training will be implemented in the period from December 2009 until January 2010. Training courses will be carried out in Norway and at RKK´s office in Namibia.

Training of 30 people within machining and instrumentation will be done in Norway.

20 people will get training in Welding MMA 111 and MIGMAG and a cable tray course shall be carried out by our office in Namibia.

The training is a part of UNITAR´s strategy to train Nigerian work force to the international standard within oil and gas. UNITAR and RKK have set up a goal to develop a long-term cooperation, and strategic dialogs between the two parties will be ongoing during the coming months.

Signering av avtale Unitar og RKK Oktober 2009 - kollasj

Left photo: Mr Larry Boms, Unitar Nigeria Director
Right foto: Mr Larry Boms, Unitar Nigeria Director & Mr Offei Dei, Chief Financial & Administration Section, Unitar

Information about Nigeria


Nigeria (the Federal Republic of Nigeria ) is a republic in West Africa, bordering on Niger, Chad, Benin and Cameroon. The capital city is Abuja . Africa’s most populous country, with about 147 million inhabitants, Nigeria represents one fourth of the total population of Africa. 44 % of Nigeria’s population are under 14. The official language in Nigeria is English. The currency is the naira (NGN).

RKK has signed a contract with UNITAR – United Nations Institute for Training and Research – Nigeria.