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Longterm cooperation with Kazakhstan

We have developed a longterm cooperation project in vocational education with the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan, NNEF – Nursultan Nasarbayev Educational Foundation – and regional authorities. The work was initially over the period 2004 - 2010, and this agreement has now been extended for the period 2011-2013.

The cooperation for the period 2011-2013 will mainly revolve around three geographic regions of Kazakhstan: East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan.

RKK Kazakhstan Branch Office officially opened in Ust Kamenogorsk 22. November 2010

22. November 2010 will stand as an important day in RKK's history, on which day the RKK Kazakhstan Branch Office opened in Ust Kamenogorsk. The Norwegian ambassador in Kazakhstan, Mr. Dag Malmer Halvorsen, cut the cord and thus made the formal opening of the branch office.

Office opening Kaz, november 2010

Ambassador Halvorsen's formal opening of RKK's office was one of the highlights of a comprehensive program for the day that was organized to mark RKK's activities in Kazakhstan and in Ust Kamenogorsk / East Kazakhstan in particular. RKK President of Kazakhstan, Svetlana Borodulina, had with her staff and the Akimat management developed a comprehensive program for the day.

The day started with a meeting between Ambassador Halvorsen and RKK's leadership and the Akim and 4 vice Akim of East Kazakhstan. Information was given about the infrastructure in the East Kazakhstan region and investment in tourism, industrial development and education. A special theme for the meeting was also RKK's experience in the region and future investment in vocational education for business.

After meeting in the Akimat there was the formal opening of RKK's office. The office is located in the Administration Department at Nurgaliev college, which is the college that RKK has had a most extensive cooperation from the very start of the Kazakh - Norwegian Cooperation. Ambassador Halvorsen, assisted by Director Svetlana Borodulina and Rector Marat Nurgaliev, cut the cord and made the opening of the office, and also marked the opening of the "Kazakh Norwegian Fund” which is a newly created foundation based on a cooperation between vocational schools in Ust Kamenogorsk and Semey together with the private sector, the Akimat and RKK.

After the opening a formal reception was held at the school, as well as a tour of the premises. Here, students demonstrated their knowledge. Last post here was a visit and orientation of RKK's office. Next item on the program was an opening ceremony at Vocational School No. 15. There were a number of invited guests from the education sector, businesses and administration in the East Kazakhstan region. Three students from secondary schools performed the opening greetings and served as speakers during the event with information in English, Russian and Kazkh language. There were also musical performances from students in the national costumes playing traditional music.

Deputy Akim of the region performed a welcome speech followed by Ambassador Halvorsen and RKKs Managing Director Ole Imsland. Then came the chairman of KNF - Kazakh Norwegian Fund, Armand Ajtmuhanovich Kurmangaliev. Next on the program was a film that presented RKK and RKK's further efforts in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. After the film Managing Director Ole Imsland presented an attention to good partners, and announced a sponsorship program for two young athletes from the region, before he introduced the RKK's Director of Kazakhstan, Ms Svetlana Borodulina. Director Borodulina then oriented about RKK's strategy in Kazakhstan and Eurasia.

The program was completed with a greeting from the Educational Departement in the Akimat, as well as song and poetry from Norwegian and Kazakh writers performed by students. The next items on the agenda was a visit to the museum on "Ulba Plant" and visits to "Kazelectromontage Company”. The final item on the program was an official dinner hosted by the Akimat in Eastern Kazakhstan.

2010-11 Kaz office opening collage 01

Please read the newspaper article about the official opening of RKK office in Kazakhstan here.

Lidiya Anufriyeva & Bibinur Utesinova

In connection with the opening of RKKs own branch office "RKK Kazakhstan" in Ust Kamenogorsk, it was simultaneously announced that RKK will support the two young athletes from East Kazakhstan region.

The management of RKK Kazakhstan has, together with the Department of Sport and Tourism in Ust Kamenogorsk in the Akimat, found the two candidates who are both very promising athletes in their sport. Both athletes work hard on their sports career, but will also make sure to complete their education. Both are good examples of Kazakh youth who strives to achieve their goals, and will thus be an example for other young people. RKK is proud to have been given the opportunity to assist Lidiya Anufriyeva who is a weightlifter and Bibinur Utesinova who is a Judo Athlete in reaching their goals in sports and education.

2010-12-01-Lidia og Bibinur

Read more about Lidiya Anufriyeva & Bibinur Utesinova here.

Kazakh - Norwegian Fund, Ust Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan

Last week the "Kazakh-Norwegian Fund" held a joint meeting in Ust Kamenogorsk. There were approximately 100 attendees at the meeting that dealt with the cooperation between Educational Institutions and Business & Public Management. The participants who were from Semy and Ust Kamenogorsk showed great commitment, and the meeting gives basis for future cooperation in vocational education in Eastern Kazakhstan.

"Kazah-Norwegian Fund" is a foundation created after inpiration from the RKK model in Norway. The founders are three high schools in Ust Kamenogorsk, and The Organisation for Building Industry and the Educational Department of the County Administration. In a short period of time a large number of secondary schools from Semey and Ust Kamenogorsk have joined the foundation.


Ole Imsland named "The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Managing Director of RKK, Ole Imsland, was the 12th October 2010 named "The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan" at a ceremony at the government's showcase home in Parkveien in Oslo in connection with the state visit of Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan. The appointment was made by Kazakhstan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Kanat Saudabayev, with Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr. Jonas Gahr Store present.

The appointment was in line with the wishes of the authorities in Kazakhstan, and the appointment is as Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Stavanger with Rogaland, Hordaland, Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder district officials. Read more here.

Honorary Consul 01

RKK Kazakhstan visits RKK Namibia

In mid-September Svetlana Borodulina and Olga Ponomaryova from RKK Kazakhstan visited our branch office in Walvis Bay Namibia. The Kazakhstan office is in the start-up phase and the purpose of the visit was to learn from the Namibia office's experience of start-up and operation. Special weight was given to financial reporting and the project management systems. Further topics of discussion were communication between Norway and the branch office and cultural differences. The visit proved very useful and will mean even better cooperation and communication between the different offices of RKK International. During the visit to Walvis Bay there was also time to visit our partner organisation NAMFI.

Kasakhstanbesøk i Namibia September 2010

Photo, from the left: Marlene Sebastiao, Svetlana Borodulina, Carl Williams, Olga Ponomaryova and Rosina Moshoeshoe

Kasakhstan besøk i Namibia 2

Photo: Visiting NAMFI

RKK establishes branch office in Kazakhstan

RKK has established a branch office in Kazakhstan effective from 2 August 2010. RKK Kazakhstan will have offices in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Astana.

The work of RKK-Kazakhstan will be to coordinate and develop RKK’s projects and cooperation agreements with central and regional authorities in the country. RKK also has excellent collaborative relations with ROK - Ministry of Education and Science - as well as cooperation agreements with several regional authorities. A key point in these agreements is the regional development perspective, aiming at innovative partnership models between authorities, industry and educational institutions.

In establishing a branch office in Kazakhstan RKK is signalling that we anticipate longterm collaboration and further development in a number of areas. RKK also wishes to study the possibilities of using Kazakhstan as a base for RKK’s activities in Eurasia and Asia. This is a realistic ambition in the light of the extremely positive social development we are witnessing in Kazakhstan.
We shall publish further details of all this soon.

Cooperation Education - Industry and Governement of East-Kazakhstan

On a meeting in Ust-Kamenogorsk on the 15th of April 2010 all parties agreed about the importance of vocational training. The meeting that was organised by the Educational Department of the Akimat had many attendees from vocational schools and colleges, as well as from the industry.

Konferanse Ust Kamenogorsk, april 2010

A cooperation of schools are now working under a concept with the working title "Kazakh - Norwegian Fund", based on the RKK model. The model will offer students / apprentices the opportunity to work for local companies. The industry will also be active with regard to upgrading subjects and fields of study.Mr Øystein Hansen from the RKK Board advised about how Norwegian organisations for employers and employees actively participate to build up vocational training in Norway. Managing director Ole Imsland from RKK spoke about vocational training in Norway, as well as the RKK model.

Øystein Hansen, april 2010, Kasakhstan

Photo: Mr Øystein Hansen from the RKK Board

RKK presentation at industry seminar in Astana, Kazakhstan in connection with opening of Norwegian Embassy

In connection with the opening of the Norwegian Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 5. February 2010, RKK gave a talk at an industry seminar the same day. This presentation was a summary of the project "Kazakhstan - Norwegian Cooperation 2004 - 2010", under the title of " Vocational Education - a tool for local content development" during the session on "Capacity building for Sustainable development".

kaznorcoop collage seminar 2010-02-05

RKK has in our work emphasized the promotion of good cooperation between education, business and authorities, and worked for regional development, management training, apprenticeship schemes, and modern teaching methods based on ICT, forming important factors in promoting and developing local competence and vocational training based on international standards. In addiditon to HRH Crown Prince Haakon who gave a talk on energy, climate and the environment, Foreign minister Jonas Gahr Stoere introduced the cooperation with Kazakhstan together with several Norwegian companies.

Mr. Imsland took part in the following panel discussion, comprising the panelists: Mr. Kenzhebek Ibrashev, General Director, KMG EPMr. Odd Magne Instefjord, General Manager, Statoil KazakhstanMr. Nils Andreas Masvie, Regional Director, DNV EurasiaMr. Kjartan Dale, Senior Vice President Business Development, Aker Solutions, Mr. Ole Imsland, General Director , Rogaland Training & Education Centre (RKK) For overview of the program, please consult this attachment.

RKK took part in the Education Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan, 20. November 2009

RKK was a participant in The II International Forum "Vocational training and business;Dialogue of partners" in Astana, Kazakhstan on 20 November. Also participating were educational specialists from all over Kazakhstan and representatives from a number of international organizations. A topic of special attention at the conference was interaction between authorities and industry in vocational education.Present at the conference was Minister of Education Tuminbayev, together with the Vice-Minister of Employment and representatives from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. RKK was presented with a token of recognition from the Ministry of Education for its contribution to the development of professional vocational education in Kazakhstan. The award took the form of a statuette and a diploma.

Diplom og pokal fra Ministry of Education and Science Kazakhstan

RKK on a visit to Semey in the province of East Kazakhstan

As part of our joint project in regional development, collaboration between the education sector, industry and authorities, Øystein Førsvoll and Ole Imsland visited the region of East Kazakhstan and the city of Semey 18 – 20 October 2009.In connection with our joint project, we have arranged various meetings, seminars and study tours where the main topic was collaboration between education, industry and the public authorities with a view to establishing an apprenticeship scheme, practice places for vocational school students and adult education/continuing education. A number of school directors and business leaders from Semey have attended these arrangements and, even though this was our first visit to the city, our ideas and suggestions had already given concrete results.Dominant among these was the substantial effort put into the project by the Semey College of Transport, RK, under the leadership of Director A.V. Lui and by the College of Communications under Director Oralkhan Sartaev. From the commercial side, Director B.U. Abdullaev from the enterprise LL Kazakhtrasstroy has headed the work of encouraging industry to engage in active cooperation with the various educational institutions.

Signering Semeny oktober 2009

On Sunday 18 October 2009 Director A.V. Lui of the Semey College of Transport and Director B.U. Abdullaev from LL Kazakhtrasstroy signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Business and Creative Cooperation - between LL Kazakhtrasstroy and Semey College of Transport, RK". Read more about Semey here.The Akmolinsk region in Kazakhstan and RKK sign MoC

Imsland - Alma Muitunova and Yevgeny-Shelenzhek kaz visit to NOR aug 2009

On Friday 28th August, Yevgeny Shelenzhek from the Department of Education of the Akmolinsk Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Managing Director Ole Imsland from RKK signed an MoC. The aim of this collaboration is to develop further cooperation between the region's vocational education institutions and the industrial sector, with particular focus on meat and milk production. Øksnevad and Rygjabø upper secondary schools will also be involved in the project, looking at the teaching methods and content of the programme. The RKK model for working partnership between the schools and industry is a further focal point, together with a range of other topics. The parties will collaborate on planning, study programmes and seminars. Considerable attention will be given to the upgrading of educational institutions to a level where they are in a position to supply iindustry with qualified workers. The development of a social partnership combined with commercial activity is an additional area of importance, together with the continuing education of teachers/instructors etc.Large delegation from Kazakhstan visiting RKK, august 2009.

KAZ delegation 20090824

An 18-person strong delegation from Kazakhstan visited RKK and Rogaland, as part of a joint project between the Ministry of Education (MoE) in Kazakhstan and RKK. The delegates will visit industrial firms, schools and public institutions. We are also pleased to know that "our" regular interpreter in Astana, Kulshan Aleyeva from Gala Translation, is with the group.

We extend a cordial welcome to: Director Balasultan Abdullaev fra "Transstroy" LTD Prinsipal Lazzat Asybekova fra VL nr 24 Suzak District South Kazakhstan, Prinsipal Elmira Dzheksenova fra VL nr 2 i Uralsk Director Victor Golodnov fra "Lisremservis" LLC Vice president for HR and GM Zhumabek Kamzin fra " azakhstan electrolysis plant" LTD Principal Murat Khallin VL nr 11 Karaganda Director Alexander Kuleshov, South Kazakhstan regional institute of teachers South Kazakhstan Principal Zhamal Mamerkhanova Shakhtinsk technological college Deputy director Alma Muitunova Rok MeS Dep of technical education Astana Principal Oralkhan Sartaev Cololege of radio, engineering and communication East Kazakhstan Principal Yuri Shavrin Tecnical College, Lisakovsk, Kostanay Deputy head of dep. Yevgeniy Shelenzhek Dep of Education Akmolinsk Director Galina Smirnova Inter reg senter for training/retraining Karaganda Stata Tech. University General director Anatoliy Tomilov Stepnogorsk ball bearing plant LTD Specialist Sholpan Tonbolatova Presidents administration Astana Principal Rymbek Turdygali VL no 10 Makhambet district Atyrau Head of dep Anna Yeksenova Dep of Education Pavlodar Director Balzya Yeveneyeva, Yeveneyeva private company.

Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan and RKK

Since May 2004, when RKK took part in the business delegation under the aegis of Innovation Norway and INTSOK (Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners) during Prime Minister Bondevik’s state visit to Astana, Kazakhstan, our engagement in that country has expanded considerably. It has now been formalised in a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan and RKK, which will run until the end of 2010.


Our work in Kazakhstan is aimed at the upgrading of vocational education to international level, which involves strengthening of school management, teachers, facilities and teaching curricula, together with the organisation of cooperation between educational institutions and commercial enterprises. The following topics show the main lines we are pursuing:

  • Educational standards and personnel retraining
  • Regional development
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • ICT Support in development of TVE-institutions (TVE=Vocational Education and Training)

A further priority is competence building as part of regional development).

These focal areas have been given commitment at regional level through cooperation agreements with local political leadership and Akim the regions in question. We have concentrated in the first instance on the regions of Mangistau, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Shymkent. In the first half of 2008, Astana will also be included, and the aim is to conclude agreements with all regions during the period. Together with local industry, political authorities and educational organisations, we are also engaged in the development of an adult education centre for engineering subjects in Actau by the shores of the Caspian Sea, the Actau Training Centre. This centre will initially provide skilled operator training in welding, steel working and pipe fitting, and will later extend its programme to cover other vocational areas. Together with NNEF, we have also established the company ”KANOE”- Kazakh-Norwegian Education LLP. Through this company, we offer assistance to Norwegian enterprises interested in establishing activities in Kazakhstan.

The close cooperation we have established with central and regional authorities, and not least with NNEF, means that our activities run smoothly. We also enjoy good relations with the Kazakhstani Embassy in Oslo, which through its constructive interest has contributed to flexible solutions. Our dialogue with the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo is also very positive and creative, and this forms the entire basis for our activities and cooperation in Kazakhstan.

Informasjon om Kasakhstan:

RKK Kazakhstan

Protozanov Alexander str. 87
East Kazakhstan Region
Tel: +7 7232 255432
Fax: +7 7232 255432

Astana Office:
Astana, 010000
19 Imanov st., Office 911/A
Tel./Fax:+7 71 72 78-76-33


Olga Ponomaryova
(Project manager)

Sadykova Assem

Sadykova Assem

(Director in Kazakhstan-Norwegian Corporate Fund)

Gulshan Alieva


Olga Mukhatova
(Accounting Consultant)



The largest of the former Soviet republics, Kazakhstan is now an independent republic in Central Asia, bordering on Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Its declaration of independence was signed on 16 December 1991. It has a population of about 15.4 million. The capital is Astana. The country’s official languages are Russian and Kazakh. The official currency is the tenge.



The work started with Bondevik’s state visit in 2004. RKK used the occasion to underline the importance of vocational education and a skilled workforce. We subsequently entered into cooperation with NNEF, Nursultan Nazerbayevs Education Foundation. This was the start of a fruitful collaboration which has resulted in a number of new and longterm agreements, including one with the Minister of Education and Research, Mr Zhanseit Tuimebayev, in 2007 and other regions at Akim (regional governor) level.

At local level, we are also working to establish closer cooperation between the school and industrial sectors, both in Norway and Kazakhstan.

Aitimova 2005

From left; Svetlana Murzabekova from NNEF is pleased with the agreement signed by Ole Imsland, Minister of Education and Science Byrganym Aitimova and Director Dinara Kulibaeva.

Since May 2004, when RKK took part in the business delegation under the aegis of Innovation Norway and INTSOK (Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners) during Prime Minister Bondevik’s state visit to Astana, Kazakhstan, our engagement in that country has expanded considerably. It has now been formalised in a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan and RKK, which will run until the end of 2010.