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Selected courses from RKK

21 July 2018

For a full overview of our current courses and enrollment, please visit our online course catalogue. This is updated continously, but unfortunatley for our non-Norwegian reading visitors, the information there is updated and maintained in Norwegian only. RKK's course offers comprise all trade areas normally covered by upper secondary education and vocational training.

RKK started off early with net based courses and we have a proven record of utilizing video conferencing, web portals and similar to provide access to flexible learning schemes. We also offer courses on didactics and methods for various types of instructors and teachers wanting to increase their skills in ICt and computer literacy. Our extensive course catalouge is currently only available in Norwegian, but below we provide you with some information on some of our courses.

RKK is apporved by the national agency for quality assurance (NOKUT) for our tertiary training schemes in technical college and in health subjects.

Please contact RKK at post@rkk.no or by phone +47 51 51 67 37 for further information.



Health care training

RKKs courses within health subjects are available through Rygjabø studiesenter in Stavanger, which now has the country’s most comprehensive training programme in health and care continuing education for adults. This trainnig is an important and growing area. RKK and Rygjabø have delivered net based health care training since 2000 and demonstrated that we are among the best in Norway.