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About RKK

26 April 2018


In simple words, RKK was set up with the aim of developing high-quality training at lowest possible cost. At the heart of the concept was an existing infrastructure formed by the 32 or more vocational schools in Rogaland County and the teaching resources these represented.

The model we adopted was intended to open the door to closer interaction between public investment (the schools) and private enterprise. The same intention led us to undertake an innovative role as a developer of new teaching methods, particularly in regard to modern ICT.

RKK’s establishment took place in the context of the petroleum industry which had taken root in Norway in the late 1960s - early ‘70s. The big multinational corporations set up their main Norwegian offices in the Stavanger region, and in the space of a few years we had a highly innovative and forward-looking local industry with international connections. | Read more...


History of RKK

In 1988 the then Ministry of Education made a ruling that all upper secondary schools were to establish a resource centre with the purpose of coor... | Read more...

Adult education courses

RKK har vært Rogaland fylkeskommune sin største leverandør av voksenopplæringskurs siden 2001 for voksne rettighetselever. | Read more...

Tertiary vocational education

In 2002 it was decided that all education at an intermediary level between upper secondary and higher education colleges, with course duration of... | Read more...

Universities and higher education colleges


Facts about RKK

RKK is a resource centre for vocational secondary schools, established by Rogaland County Council in 1989 in cooperation with the then Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO) and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). RKK is a foundation, coordinating the competence needs of the private and public sectors with the educational capacity of the county’s upper secondary schools. RKK is divided organisationally into an administrative and financial section, ICT and pedagogical development work plus internationalisation and regional development.

RKK had an annual turnover i 2009 of NOK 68 million. It has 18 administrative staff and employs the services of about 1500 instructors and course leaders a year. RKK is Rogaland County’s biggest provider of adult education.


RKK 20 years on

In 2009 RKK marks its 20-year anniversary. The occasion will be duly observed together with our close partners. Kjeragbolten, the boulder strikingly lodged in a crevice of the Kjerag mountains, has been chosen as the emblem for our jubilee since it is a particular icon of our region.