RKK - Rogaland Training & Education Centre


RKK, a Norwegian foundation established by Rogaland County, located in the South Western Norway, has at its heart a cooperative network comprising 30 vocational schools, with the support of the main employees’ and employers’ organisations, LO and NHO. Through this cooperation, we have created a competitive and innovative organisation now serving as a model on a national and, particularly, international level. RKK has gone from being a conventional course provider to its present position as a competence development partner in enterprises, local industry and regions.


Namibia office closes

12 December 2013

The Board of Directors has decided to close RKK’s office in Namibia due to accumulating negative results. The office is now closed and the employees have been given notice of Notice of Termination of their Employment. All requests regarding RKK Namibia or any requests regarding African market should be directed to Managing Director of RKK Kent Terje Ingebretsen kent.terje@rkk.no or Dire... | Read more...

New Managing Director in RKK

08 October 2013

On the 23rd of September 2013, Mr Kent Terje Ingebretsen took over the position as Managing Director for RKK. He comes from the positions as Head of the Department at SOTS. He is now embarking on the first tasks of strengthening RKK as a supplier of new skills and lifelong learning in the Norwegian market in a strong relationship with the secondary- and vocational schools in Rogaland. The ph... | Read more...

SOTS Course Centre received the CETOP level 1 certification

10 September 2013

In August 2013 the SOTS Course Centre was awarded the CETOP level 1 certification for its hydraulics programme from the Norwegian Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association (HPF – Hydraulikk & Pneumatikk Foreningen). CETOP level 1 programmes provide a foundation of knowledge with emphasis placed upon fundamental principles, component functionality, operation and recognition together with... | Read more...

The Kjell Arholm Memorial Grant 2013

07 June 2013

The Kjell Arnholm Memorial Grant has been awarded annually since 1995. Kjell Arholms Memorial Grant was established by the Board of RKK and is a grant intended for teachers or other staff working with the upper secondary vocational education in Rogaland. The purpose of the grant is to study secondary education abroad and the development of international understanding. The awarding committee... | Read more...

Ole Imsland, Managing Director, retires

22 May 2013

Ole Imsland, Managing Director of RKK, is retiring with effect from 1st of July 2013 for health reasons. He will from July 1st be affiliated RKK in a part-time position. Ole Imsland has been Managing Director of RKK since 1993 and has thus been with and built up the company from its inception. RKK had not been what it is today without him. His commitment has ensured that RKK is an important... | Read more...

Meeting at Godalen for personnel responsible for courses

22 May 2013

In connection with new bidding processes and new initiatives the administration at RKK invited all personnel responsible for courses to attend a half-day gathering at Godalen on the 6th of May 2013. The agenda for the meeting: New networks and collaborative ways, conditions for course personell and the professional networks Bidding Processes In all 18 people met from 15 different sch... | Read more...

New supervision regulations - NOKUT user panel

15 May 2013

On Tuesday this week, Leif Knudsen from RKK attended NOKUT´s user panel in order to discuss a draft on new regulations for the supervision of Tertiary vocational education. NOKUT is working toward an open and inclusive process in connection with the preparation of the new supervisory regulations, and it was a constructive, factual and pleasant meeting that took place in NOKUT premises.RKK l... | Read more...

Seminar on Strategy and Statistics for Tertiary Vocational Education

15 May 2013

A seminar held by The Database for Higher Education (DBH) located under the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (Norsk samfunnsvitenskapelig datatjeneste - NSD) was arranged on Monday this week regarding reporting for Tertiary vocational education. Focus was on how the reporting affects social purposes, as well as further development and plans for this new area of statistics. RKK attended... | Read more...

Partnership meeting with UNITAR in Geneva

15 May 2013

As a part of the existing partnership between UNITAR and RKK, areas for improving the partnership based on current experience were discussed at UNITAR's head office during the days 6-7 May UNITAR wsa represented by the assistant secretary general of the UN and head of UNITAR Mrs. Sally Fegan-Wyles, who expressed great satisfaction over the current collboration with RKK thus far. There wa... | Read more...

Network meeting for industry

29 April 2013

On Friday the 26th of April, RKK arranged a start-up meeting for participating schools in our network for course deliveries to the industry sector. Subject specialists and contacts from all involved schools in the network participated at the meeting, which was held in Stavanger. The purpose of the meeting was to establish plans for joint marketing and sales and learn from each other how... | Read more...

New long-term project in Azerbaijan

24 April 2013

Today we received a letter of confirmation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs granting financial support to our project for capacity building and support for vocational training in Azerbaijan. Our main cooperation partner in Azerbaijan is the Ministry of Education, with whom we have already agreed on a Memorandum of Cooperation. The main areas of cooperation in Azerbaijan will be:... | Read more...


16 April 2013

The new VET year in Angola was officially started on the 25th of March by the Minister of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, Mr. Pitra Neto. The project continues its cooperation with the four appointed pilot centers; Cazenga and Cinfotec in Luanda, Caio in Cabinda and the Centre of Soyo. Three of the centers have started the courses and report good response from the comm... | Read more...

Network meeting for health and care

11 April 2013

On Thursday the 11h of April, RKK arranged a start-up meeting for participating schools in our network for course deliveries to the health and care sector. Subject specialists and contacts from all involved schools in the network participated. The purpose of the meeting was to establish plans for joint marketing and sales, and learn from each other how to conduct courses for a complex a... | Read more...

Presented KazNorCoop at "Worlddidac Astana 2013"

11 April 2013

RKK and the Kazakh – Norwegian VET cooperation project KazNorCoop was yesterday presented at the 1st International Education Forum – “Worlddidac Astana 2013” by Olga Ponomaryova and Kjell Håvard Sævareid in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Forum was attended by several hundred education specialists and management from all over Kazakhstan. More than 15 nations were also represented. The latest in teac... | Read more...

Network meeting for building and construction

08 April 2013

On Friday the 4th of April, RKK arranged a start-up meeting for participating schools in our network for course deliveries to the building and construction sector. Subject specialists and contacts from all involved schools in the network participated at the meeting, which was held in Stavanger. The purpose of the meeting was to establish plans for joint marketing and sales and learn from ea... | Read more...

Application deadline: Kjell Arholms memorial Grant

02 April 2013

The application deadline for RKKs Kjell Arholms memorial Grant is the 25th of April, 2013. The grant, to a value of NOK 30 000, has been awarded every year since 1995. The grant is for teachers working on upper secondary schools in Rogaland or other people who are interested and engaged in upper secondary vocational education in schools or as in-service training. It may be awarded... | Read more...

Successful management course in Kazakhstan

20 February 2013

In February, RKK completed a successful management seminar for principals and department managers in Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan. Bjørn Andersen, principal at Kopervik upper secondary school in Rogaland, carried out the lectures, together with Olga Panomaryova, the leader of RKK's office in Kazakhstan. Primary subjects at the course were management theory, strategies and tools for school man... | Read more...

Meeting with Laerdal Global Health

25 January 2013

Wednesday the 23 of January RKK had a meeting with Laerdal Global Health to look at the possibilities for a future cooperation. Initially this cooperation involves health courses for Nigerian students who arrive in Stavanger in late February. The international commitment of both organizations provides room for further cooperation.... | Read more...

Visit; INTSOK representative

11 January 2013

At Wednesday this week Mr. Tuan Hai Ewe, INTSOK representative form Malaysia, visited RKK. At the meeting, a possible cooperation in vocation training in Malaysia were discussed. Picture... | Read more...

Available places: Free health education

07 January 2013

There are still available places on our part-time studies at RKK health tertiary vocational college. Our study programs are net based, flexible and very convenient for those who work. Requirements for admission: Certificate of apprenticeship or five years of work experience in the health sector. Sign-up date: As soon as possible. Start up: 31.01.2013. Are you interested... | Read more...

RKK’s International Activities

European projects

04 March 2008

Over the years, RKK has built up a substantial EU project portfolio, both as Lead Partner and as part of an extended European network.



04 March 2008


Longterm cooperation with Kazakhstan

We have developed a longterm cooperation project in vocational education with the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan, NNEF – Nursultan Nasarbayev Educational Foundation – and regional authorities. The work was initially over the period 2004 - 2010, and this agreement has now been extended for the period 2011-2013.

The cooperation for the period 2011-2013 will mainly revolve around three geographic regions of Kazakhstan: East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan.


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09 March 2009

UNITAR / RKK Technical Skills Training in Norway and Namibia

UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and RKK work together to give students from Nigeria technical education. The goal of the program is to provide young people with technical education and skills to be competitive in the labor market. Partnership between UNITAR and the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) will provide qualified knowledge to young people from Riverside State, so they have qualifications for working in the oil and gas industry both locally and elsewhere in the world.

The course includes training automation (Norway), welding (Namibia), instrumentation (Namibia) and drilling (Namibia). Read the full story at UNITAR here.

UNITAR Kurs november 2010

The students arrive Sola Airport in Norway, on the 14th November 2010.